Why do those people succeed and you don't?

Self-assurance and Confidence

The problem is not only that the process of shaping a project takes longer for you, but also that you may feel unprepared or uncertain about the next decision you need to make. It’s the overwhelming pressure that hinders your progress. So much so that it blocks you. And I know this because I was one of those people. And it still happens to me sometimes. But if someone accompanies you, asks the questions you need, and helps you connect with yourself, your own confidence and self-assurance will help you achieve it. That’s why I assist you in achieving what you desire (whether it’s in film, theatre, or your own creative project), to help you see it from above and feel that you have accomplished it. After so much training, so much time, so much effort, and so much belief in yourself and a different life… you will have achieved it. How do I help you?

Notice: I want to clarify that this is not a theatrical directing service. It's coaching and support to help you progress as an artist..

Coaching for actors

Where do I start?” “What if this doesn’t work out?” Artists have many ideas and struggle to prioritize the ones that will work best. We lack focus. When we begin a project, there are so many possibilities, options, and self-management tasks that it becomes overwhelming. You take a step, and 300 questions arise before your foot even touches the ground because you want to do your best. We often feel lonely in the process. We need someone to accompany us, to help clarify our ideas. Attempts to collaborate with other artists sometimes fizzle out due to a lack of commitment or a lack of focus. At times, we’re uncertain about how to apply the interpretative tools provided by acting schools. Training may not always prepare us for the real-world challenges. We find ourselves working to survive in jobs that don’t inspire us and stifle our daily creativity. This saps our energy and enthusiasm to create our own projects or to be chosen for projects produced by others.

But you need to progress toward where you want to be in your career as an artist.

To progress, if you have a positive attitude, I can assure you. I don’t know if it will turn out well or badly, but what’s certain is that I will help you enjoy and love the process of taking small steps to bring about changes.

No emotional blocks or pressures. I accompany you to think more clearly, to organize yourself in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you, and to prevent you from giving up. In the subsequent projects you want to undertake, you’ll undoubtedly find them increasingly straightforward.

No getting stuck or feeling pressured. I accompany you to think more clearly, to organize yourself so you won’t halt and won’t abandon it. In the subsequent projects you wish to undertake, you’ll undoubtedly find them increasingly straightforward.

People need a certain level of control, even though art is all about flowing. And I'll be with you throughout the process.

The goal is to unblock you. I’m here to help you bring all those ideas in your head to the surface and let your emotions flow. You need to allow yourself to make mistakes and realize that you have a safe haven. So, we’ll connect with that spark you enjoy when creating art, with your passion, vulnerability, and creativity.

We’ll uncover the traps you’re setting for yourself in your daily life that prevent you from being consistent, and I’ll teach you how to deal with them.


 We will focus on enjoying the process of moving forward, even in the less creative phases like planning and sourcing materials or contacts. You’ll learn to organize yourself, turning your ideas into viable projects that you can carry out. You’ll learn to follow a professional process, which will give you a lot of confidence because you’ll be able to find your own answers and solutions. I’ll only ask you the right questions and provide guidance when you need clarity.


I am going to help you take steps towards what you desire so much. We will find together a way to present yourself, almost like your personal brand, so that you are remembered, and people see you as an artist with personality. Then, we’ll consider both creative and traditional options to make you known, introduce your work, and ignite the desire to collaborate with you. This stage is crucial for you to gain confidence and security in your own work and to stand out among actors.

I boost the artistic career of actors
and individuals passionate about creativity.

Living off art is essential, but the primary focus is to feel that you’re making progress and have confidence in yourself. This will be the driving force to achieve your goals step by step, expand your network naturally, and experience the magic of being able to choose the projects you get involved in. I can help you advance in several aspects. For instance, I can assist you in creating action plans, enabling you to learn how to better manage your time and have more productive hours, avoiding energy drains.

Do you accept jobs you don’t like? If you struggle with the constant organization of your work life, and it hinders your life as an artist, we will explore ways to make it easier. We’ll analyze which survival jobs can enhance your creativity and be more bearable. Most importantly, they should leave you with time and energy to grow your projects or goals. I’ll help you connect with yourself, even when you occasionally get lost in external evaluations. I’ll be your external perspective. When you need to clarify your ideas about your goals, I’ll be your external viewpoint, helping many doubts vanish. When you need someone to encourage you, I’ll be there. And when you need a reminder of why you love what you do so much, I’ll be there too.

Actors and creative individuals who have received my guidance explain it well


The sessions are 100% individual. I will dedicate my time, energy, and enthusiasm to you. Moreover, I manage a limited number of mentorships to provide a high-quality service

Once I receive your form, I will reach out to you via WhatsApp. We will schedule an appointment for a call or video call to address all your questions and determine if we wish to collaborate in achieving your goals.

Actors who have studied film or theater, as well as creative individuals, willing to make some changes in their lives or their way of thinking, without losing their essence but are open to evolving, as progress is necessary.

Because putting together a project or advancing in your career often remains just an idea. It’s not usually carried out due to a lack of discipline and commitment. Managing our own lives is already challenging enough. Therefore, achieving the life we desire depends solely on our actions

Through PayPal or by bank transfer. Once the client decides to begin, I send you my information so you can contract the service

If you are inclined to improve, it is quite likely to work. Coaching helps in achieving goals.

However, I also want to make one thing clear. It is essential that you trust me and that, even if at some point you find it difficult to take a certain step, you explain it to me so that we can solve it.

Because if that doesn’t happen and you don’t trust me, we cannot work together.

That's why, if you are interested in what I'm telling you...

You can contact me, and we will talk before scheduling a session. There are no salespeople here. You will speak directly with me. It is of vital importance, which is why I don’t allow session bookings without further discussion. During the call, both parties need to confirm that we connect to work as a team. I will assess whether I’m interested in working with you, and I hope you do the same.

I also want to let you know that I won’t have all the answers. I don’t know everything, nor is it possible. And you don’t have to know everything either. Trust is about that. Taking a leap without knowing for sure what’s ahead. I will trust you once we start, even if you don’t know, even if you find it hard to make progress, even if you make excuses. I will trust you because that’s why I chose to work with you in the first place. I will ask you all the necessary questions to help you learn to answer them. Because it’s not about me; it’s about you