And I'm still working to grow as an actress.

I’ve simply managed to work on what I enjoy and lead a lifestyle in which I have so much time for myself that I don’t need vacations. It might not seem like much to you, but it allows me to create, have time for personal projects, and explore the disciplines that interest me, such as singing, clowning, and psychology. I don’t open the closet and have money falling out of it.

I've learned to know myself and make decisions that give me energy and the desire to get up in the morning.

Sometimes I still work on television sets, supervising young actors, in customer service for immersive theater, as an actress, and as a coach. I choose jobs where I can express my creativity and stay in touch with the arts. I prefer to invest in experiencing art or taking courses rather than buying a pair of shoes. But it has been a journey filled with uncertainty because it’s a profession that doesn’t have a defined path. You don’t graduate from drama or film school, do an internship, and join a company. Not at all. After finishing drama or film school, you need a well-tuned compass to create opportunities. Sometimes we need to take paths that are less frightening.

I don't know anyone else who does it.

One of the reasons why I still don’t live entirely from art is that I’ve felt lonely, I haven’t known where to start my career, and I’ve always believed that I needed someone to help me. I needed support. A guide. Someone to tell where I’m at in each of my stages. And I’m going to be that person for you if we work together. But if we’re going to be a team, you need to know more about me.

My curiosity is insatiable. I'm interested in knowing everything, from why Paris Hilton one day created her own businesses to how many times a police station renews an ID card.

My eccentric, relaxed yogi artist side. I avoid having an ordinary life so I won’t be the next Godzilla destroying the city. The conventional life that people around me said was better: a stable job, having a partner, buying a house, having children, drinking on weekends, and going on a month-long vacation every year. But it’s not for me. My family never prohibited me from doing anything, except for using drugs and being a bad person, which was intolerable to them. However, I never received professional support, and I appreciate that because it has given me tools to be more self-sufficient. I’ve had all kinds of jobs, from driving buses (even in Iceland), delivering pizzas, being a tour guide, renting cars, selling houses, and jobs I can’t even remember. They bored me after a while because I only did them to make the most money in the least amount of time possible, to pursue a creative life as an actress. That’s why I know what artists need, what they want to hear, and what they don’t.