you are an artist already

Even if it's challenging to make a living from it, you are already an actor.

And you can’t stop being what you already are, just as you can’t lose the passion for the one thing that truly ignites it professionally: acting and/or creativity. If you’re here, it’s probably because it’s your life. So, no matter what you do, you won’t let yourself down, and you’re not failing just because it’s challenging to focus your career or project. It’s normal. It happens to many people (and I mean many).

All that's left is for someone to accompany us and help us click our minds several times until we learn to manage our fears and doubts with care.

Because most excuses and procrastination are precisely that: the pressure and fear of overwhelm that we feel. It’s not laziness; it’s quite the opposite. We care so much about making a living from art, we put in so much effort, and we desire it so much that it can be overwhelming. No matter how much you keep training, telling yourself that you need more consistency and discipline, it only lowers your self-esteem. But once you reconnect with yourself and your confidence, you’ll feel your ideas flowing while experiencing mental calm and tranquility.

You need to break out of the loop.

Because when the well of creativity dries up, or your career stagnates, if we don’t have that, what do we have left? And that feeling is very frustrating, at least for me, because it makes me not recognize myself, not feel as much like me. Put yourself in this situation. You, who consider yourself an artist and it’s what drives you, if your show doesn’t work, you who have put in so much time, money, and effort into training, so many jobs that don’t motivate you; if it doesn’t go well, what do you have left? Who are you if you’re not good at it? If it doesn’t work…? It’s tempting to think that way at times, and at some point, many of us in the theater have experienced it, more or less consciously. But that’s not the case; a show doesn’t need so much to be good. There are many ways to put it together and make it work.

It's the mind that doesn't allow us to move forward.

For that reason, take a break from training for a while. Well, do as you please, but it’s usually my recommendation. Think about it… If you’ve taken 387 courses, it’s not more training that you lack, at least not right now. It’s about managing yourself and getting the right mindset to move forward. And if you can’t self-manage, you need someone to help you learn. I’m not saying you’re going to make a living as an actor overnight, or maybe you will; I don’t know that, but most importantly, you have a defined path, something you’ve accomplished. This can bring you more satisfaction in what you do. And if you don’t know how, I’ll support you in the process of discovering it.